Justin trudeau, Prime minister of Canada just announced that 221 million$ will be granted for loans requested by black owned businesses only all accross Canada although basically every businesses have been struggling since the covid-19 lockdown in march 2020.

In between, the george floyd case rose up and Black lives matter movement stepped in, cranking up on anything against Trump in the name of the black community. Later on , we learned that BLM was declared itself as a marxist group, setting up riots and looting a bit everywhere in the US.

There is not one single day without seeing videos of white people being attacked, assaulted, left bleeding on the sidewalk by black people because apparently, those white people have been priviledged all their life. Ok, how ? Just tell me how a white person in north america is priviledged in his daily routine ? Is he getting his coffee first everyday ? Is there a checkout line reserved for white people in supermarket ? Do white people get “white discount” in every businesses they go ? Do white people pay less taxes or do they have “white people” interest rates when they buy a property ?

I don’t think i have ever seen such a thing to be honest.

So now, it should be ok to have some trend to support only black owned businesses ? That only black owned businesses would be granted loans ? How about indigenous people in Canada that still have not runing water in their homes ? Do you realize that these first nations, who were here before everyone are now relayed after black people, in the name of “fighting systemic racism” ???

And what do you think this shite is creating ? Sorry what ? I don’t hear you very well right now … r..a..c..i…s..m….racism, yup you got it buddy, i cannot say you’re wrong on this one.

When you see that there is black history month, black culture day etc, by reflex, you just think that if only there was a white culture month, that would be an outcry from everybody. So why suddenly, because it is about a small portion of the north american population, that should be ok ? How about hispanic month ? Catholic month and i can go on all night like this.

When you divide your population, the only thing you are gonna end up with is real racism. Back in South Africa, to increase the amount of black people in companies, the governement found the stupid idea to implement the following. If a company needs to put a bid on a project anywhere, it has to have a certain amount of black people in its personnel.

So you could thing that it is not a bad idea. Well not really in fact because now, the black people are just coming to work and don’t do anything just because they know that thanks to them, the company is making money so why the need of working then. And do you think that it has improve the relations between white and black people ? Nope, it got even worse because they feel tricked and they see black people just as lazy, and the system totally unfair.

And this unbalanced system is about to spoiled this country too, same as the US. Democrats backing up those riots to supports the Black lives matter, athletes kneeling in the name of black lives matter, black celebrities telling everyone that black people should only buy stuff from black owned businesses will only make one thing in the mind of the population: feel unfairly treated by their governements.

It seems now that white people are the bad guys, that they must surrender for something they haven’t done. Yes, there is a History of slavery, of division but it was not implemented by white people. Slavery in Africa is still going on, yes, right now, you can buy a slave for 200$ and it hasn’t started yesterday. When George Floyd was killed, slavery was already going on in Africa, by black people over other black people. So why suddenly it is a problem ? And why people are not just taking flight tickets to Africa to fight slavery of black people ??? mm ?? so easy to protest in a free country eh… about thugs that have been killed by police. Thugs who are rapists, burglars, pointing gun on the belly of pregnant women while their comparses are looting the house… Black against black people… and white people is to blame for that ??? And white people are supporting this shite too !!! they cover their face, wear masks and riot, loot in the name of justice !!! Which justice ?????

Media are to blame for this to my point of view. Obviously they don’t have anything more interesting to cover to get more audience and they are politically biased so depending on which media supporting who, we don’t have the same comment. Some are talking about “mostly peaceful protests” while others will point out that those protests are nothing but riots, setting businesses on fire etc..

Now what is interesting, it is the left supporters, business owners, or just home owners that see all those BLM protesting and assaulting them, coming up the their houses to insult them, to threat them and to ask them to give up their property in the name of reparation !!

These leftist are starting to wake up too, but against BLM, as soon as they realize that the latter is going after them, so now they need the Police, they want it back for their own safety !! Funny irony, right ?

Use your brain

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