Let’s get it straight. A democrat fights for freedoms, fights to end slavery, fights to end inequity between men and women, fights for LGBTQ rights, and i could go on all night like this.

Biden for China

So how did we end up with supposedly democrats willing to support China, a country where you don’t have the freedom of speech, where black people were not too long ago kicked out because a rumor spread the fact that black people were mostly subject to Covid-19. A country led by an unique party, called “democratic republic”, what a joke !!

Trudeau giving up canadian oil exploration to China

Here we have trudeau, praising the good benefits of globalization and most of all, trading with China, giving up oil exploration to a chinese company while this should be reserved to Canada.. No, good job man! I guess, it doesn’t bother you that China is a dictatorship !

And then , down the border, we have one of the biggest hypocrites running for the democrats : joe Biden ! A guy who loves China and wants to grow the trades between US and Dictatorship land of the No freedoms. Total non sense !!

Joe Biden loves China

How can you praise the well being of people and support this ? Maybe money ? Or else ? There must be something to let this happens, and to let China invading all your market places.

Dem vs Republicans on China !

For the sake of your country, we don’t need another dollar store full of chinese counterfeit items. What our country needs is craft men, butchers, masons, cabinet makers, artisans to raise up the quality of our products !!

Use your brain

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