If there is absolutely one thing that you could swear on the heads of your children, that would surely be that there’s no incest or pedophilia among your relatives or friends. And to be honest, i would be the first saying this…. until someone tells you the story or the person got caught and proofs are deadly.

1 in 3 girls and 1 in 7 boys will be sexually assaulted by the age of 18, and on top of that only 1 in 10 children will ever tell it to someone ! These numbers tell you a lot about the problem and its power on kids.

So who are those pedo ?? where are they ? Well they could be everywhere, could be everybody that you know. A best friend, a brother, a sister, a uncle, a grandfather or grandmother.

To my experience, the father of my mother (i never knew this guy, and i cannot call him other way) sexually abused his own daughter, several times, and telling her that if she tells anybody, he would kill them all. And do you wanna know the most terrifying part ? This man was a cop, a captain..

A colleague of mine told me few months ago that a colleague of him, he had known for few decades, and that he was the coach of his son for 15 years got caught for paedophilia. Hopefully for his son, he was only into female kids. But the most important aspect of this is that he would have never guessed !

A french documentary on incest was portraying several cases: a brother who was having a incestuous relationship with his own little brother, for years. And when the story came out because this little brother couldn’t stand it anymore, the family turned its back on the little brother because his revelations broke apart the entire family. How dare these people being so selfish and blind themselves, to the point of blaming the victim. Unbelievable.

Another story about the peaceful family with a son who was playing soccer in the club of his town. The parents kinda busy had some hard time to bring the kid to every practice so the coach proposed to pick up the kid and bring him back home after. The story went on for almost a decade, the coach even became one of the best friends of the parents, eating at their table and so on…. until they discover that after every practice, when the coach was bringing the kid home, he was abusing him in his car. And he had made sure to keep this secret….

Can you just imagine the nightmare this son had lived almost right under the nose of his parents without being able to talk ?

And this is the whole put right here: The trust we mistakenly putting in people we think we know although we should be weary about anybody, especially your close ones. I know it is a sad truth but it doesn’t take more than few seconds to destroy the life of your kid, just because you thought this person was worth your trust.

In reality, sexuality is still the most secret aspect of a person, a very dark place where your loved one put his or her fantasies, motivations to obtain the orgasm. Some thoughts could never be known. But even by living a normal life, with a normal sexuality, some people hold dark desire, dark views on innocent kids, your kids. And these latters, too naive, too fragile and too easy to be manipulated are doomed without your protection, your prevention.

Use your brain, for the sake of your kids

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