With the latest scandal about Cuties, a Netflix production, in which very young characters are sexualized at its most, and yes, it is weird, it looks weird and it sounds weird but this feeling is surprisingly not shared by the population, or should i say most of the planet.

Certain person, not being a parent could maybe not see the real problem here but if you have a child and you’re not pro paedophilia, well you should see the problem here. Transforming little boys and girls into sex dolls, with sexy attributes and sexy behaviours that trigger sexual reflexes among the audience, a viewer that would see your child has a potential sexual partner or fantasy. Disgusting !

Unless a country where girls are considered as women as soon as they have their periods, which could happen around 10 years old, like some countries of Middle East, and where in the same time sex is purely banned from television or any media, in the rest of the world , you need to be at least 18 years old to become an adult, 19 in British Columbia Canada, Alabama and Nebraska, 21 years old in Mississippi. And that’s the general norm.

Nevertheless, Islam, Judaism, and Roman Catholicism, have something to say about the age of majority. According to religious beliefs in Judaism, a male becomes an adult at age 13, and a female becomes an adult at 12. Islam claims a person who is 15 or who has entered puberty is considered an adult. And, in the Roman Catholic Church, you are considered an adult at age 18.

Take a moment, if you have a kid, look at him or her and ask yourself if the current age of majority is appropriate, and moreover, why is it appropriate ? Do you imagine your kid going to work at 12 or 15 like an adult, getting a bank account, paying taxes, filling up tax return and getting a family ? I don’t think so..

Kids need to have time to grow up, to experience, to make mistakes to learn life and to be prepared when it’s time to be an adult.

Very often, you can catch yourself saying that if you could have known, you would have then done it differently, just because you were not necessarily enough prepared, even after spending several decades as an adult.

Kids are naive, innocent and we need to protect them, as much as we can

Use your brain

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