What a funny turn of events that we are witnessing for this new season, you didn’t notice it ? Come on, 6 teams on game day 1 have knelt to show their support to BLM and all the protest linked to it, including all the riots eh. We even saw a player wearing socks with pigs wearing police uniforms.

Drew Brees, a sell-out ?

So why now? I mean, when Kaepernick started to kneel, no one in the NFL top managers followed him, worst, they banned this guy from playing, and he hasn’t ever since.

It took over 4 years to see suddenly the NFL commisioner, listen

What a bunch of hypocrites, just good to follow the trend, but i think this time, they made a serious mistake. Indeed, at the beginning of the movement, the protests were huge, and hearts were clearly leaning towards the poor george floyd. No one knew what he had done before, that he was a thug etc, even if that doesn’t remove the fact that he shouldn’t have been executed… but that’s another debate.

No my bet is that NFL top managers suddenly saw that the movement BLM was trending and to be honest, i would say 75% of the NFL players are blacks and the pressure to choose to be supportive or against BLM. But what are black players views on whites ?

So this time, NFL was cornered, they had to make the call, unfortunately they made the wrong one. We saw advertising with BLM flags or messages on jerseys, teams kneeling, refusing to show up for the national anthem, bringing a black anthem !!

But what they didn’t expect is that what most of the population of the world watches is sports. People loves to gather to celebrate something that pulls them off their routine, off their shitty jobs, off the slammering same everyday boring news about the same subjects, elections, racism, violence etc..

People don’t want to see politics spoiling their celebration, why ? Because in front of their television, they might not have the same point of view on politics and they might end up arguing, and then ruining their sports moment that they used to cherish so much.

What happened on game day 1 is more division, people mad at NFL because they let player like Drew Brees showing off Jacob Blake while others couldn’t show support to police officers killed in action !!

This season has started without public in the stadium, and on top of that, everybody could see on social media the division and so many fans that are giving up watching games because they don’t want politics in their favourite sports, they don’t want to think about this, they just want to see players do what they are paid for: “Don’t think and play what you have been told to”.

NFL should have made it clear to avoid any politics. Now they said yes for this, i reminds me a french expression : “Give them a phalange, they will eat your arm”

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