When i read few weeks ago that Mahomes had signed a tremedous contract of 500 Millions dollars to play 10 more years with the Chiefs, i was kinda speechless. But in the same time, i wasn’t very suprised when you realize how much money Neymar gets with the soccer team Paris Saint Germain, when you see the typical contract for a NHL player, a basket ball player and others sports.

But still, who needs that much money ? In our modern time…. what kind of life style do you have to negociate this crazy amount of money ? So we could say: Ok, everyone makes their choices and are free to live the way they want.

But then, why those same crazy rich people are taking side in problem they are not concerned with in their daily life ? We have seen more and more black players telling others during interviews that black people are victims of daily racism etc… If so, how come there are so many black players getting so damn rich ? If there was a real racism from white men, you wouldn’t see them getting rich like this, mm ?

If they really wanted to change the “world” like they say, they would invest in communities and not just donate money to association that we don’t really know what they are doing. To be noted that this money rarely comes from their pocket but rather from advertisment, sponsors etc (a little wink to Michael Jordan, who plan to give 100 millions dollars, but over 10 years, and his net income is about 90 millions per year…. come on).

You really wanna change communities, build condos or new communities and sell them for cheap etc… donating money like this is just show business. We will talk about it in few years..

And like Morgan Freeman said many times : “You wanna end racism, stop taling about it. Stop seeing me as a black man and i will stop seeing you as a white man.”

Is that simple… yup. If you wanna hear more about this charity business, read my previous article, right here

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