I have to admit, we are in deep trouble. Economy is down, people have to wear masks as soon as they have to do anything, going anywhere and it doesn’t seem to be stopping at any point in the near future.

Alright, no worries, i can understand that everybody has to do his share you know, to protect our communities, our children, our scared to death teachers (yeah i’m laughing silently).

But in the past weeks, i have started to ask around just one question to anybody i met, at work, in a store etc: Do you know anybody who got sick ? Talking about the covid-19 of course. And the answer stays the very same each time, “no”.

So i am actually starting to wonder where are all those people that are supposed to be sick somewhere ? Does anybody know ? I’m a little worried eh, maybe there is a huge X-file and no one has seen this shite coming.

Extra-terrestrial manipulation, data transfert of technologies…

And then you fall on this…

So weird

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