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If there is one thing nobody can take off Mr Musk is that he is definetely a genius. I’m serious, this guy had some great ideas since he’s able to build stuff, either virtual or physical. We owe him Zip2, online city guides, Paypal, phone call via internet network, of course tesla car but space X, hyperloop project, solar-power system, geographic city search engine and a video game named Blastar. Yup, Elon is one of those that will leave his mark for a very long time.

But as usual in new trend , some people tend to check if the product is really what mass population think. And in this case, i remember everybody saying “omg , this is the end of the fossil fuel cars, so ecological, wow !”

Well, sorry but i had to burst your so high expectations. Why? Because batteries, manufacturing, supplies, merchandizing and maintenance don’t come without using fossil fuel. Just think of all the rare earth you need to make those very important components. And in this case, who has almost the monopoly on that ? I give you…… China !!! Detaining 96% of the global market on rare metal within its borders.

China Uncensored

And which rank China holds on global pollution emitters ? The first place, yup. And what causes the most pollution in the world ? Burning fossil fuel, which China is doing the best.

So from the side of a new owner of a Tesla, this person will obvisouly think he’s doing a great job tackling global warming, pollution on a daily basis etc… Maybe he’s right once he bought the car, but to produce the car, it took about 6.2 metric tons of CO2. Not so ecological. And we support global market for that, because the batteries are made in China, brought to manufacturing sites.

China pollution

And how do you think the batteries get charged ? You just plug it, right ? No brainer but where do you think the electricity comes from? If you’re “as lucky as” Homer Simpson, you got a nuclear plant nearby so electricity is “clean” but if not ? Well, they have to burn either coal or natural gas, which are fossil fuel, emitting CO2 which contribute to global warming, or at least you can easily say that it is non ecological to be polite.

So even after buying a Tesla, we are still not a zero carbon emission, but was it in fact the main reason why Elon built an automotive company ? I don’t think so. I see Musk almost like John DeLorean, a brilliant inventer that knows how to create new trends.

Remember John DeLorean, he was an engineer designer for Pontiac, the branch of GM that was just made for old people and no other decent person would see himself in one of those cars. But when he took the lead, he designed a very bright updates of old models, just by bringing a terrific amount of horsepower under the hood, and it was a hit !!!

When you consider electric cars, it was clearly a dead end for most of the automotive companies, the first real model that had seen some relevant market was the Prius from toyota. But the population wasn’t really into it, mostly seen as a car for old people, or maybe taxi but price wise and fashion wise, not many people was gonna draw their wallet for that.

Until Elon came along with his genius, like John DeLorean did. He brought not just a new kind of electric car, but a futuristic one, with its retractable door handles, its huge screen on the dash, its unique 100% electric power, its unbeatable torque, its design and so on…

So was this Tesla concept a revolution or a new trend on which the global market will make money, thanks to the minerals ? And how come China is ahead of every else again despites the fact that nobody can clearly reveal if the human rights are kept ? We don’t know how are the workers ? What if to mine minerals, they just kick out people by force and leave them with nothing ? Do you care ? Behind the wheel of your brand new Tesla…

But if there is one thing for sure, those cars are not ecological !

Use your brain

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